Transformational Therapy

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden
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Teaming up with a therapist—it’s like getting a personal makeover.

Does your body, mind and soul crave something more? Do you want to live healthier, feel happier and more vibrant, and have a greater sense of life balance? Sara can help. She offers holistic guidance and tools to inspire and empower you to transform and live your best.

Your therapy experience with Sara

Sara will listen carefully to understand the specific interests and obstacles you have in your life, and she’ll tailor therapy or a coaching program just for you. You can expect to:

  • Meet regularly for 45 minutes session via phone or video session online.
  • Receive guidance that inspires and empowers you to set and achieve realistic wellness goals, make sustainable lifestyle changes, overcome obstacles and achieve greater life balance.
  • Tap into helpful tools from each session like holistic practices, journal entries, ways to break down barriers, self-care products, classes, seminars and newsletters.

How you can benefit from therapy

Based on your interests and goals, you could enjoy benefits like:

  • Living a life based on values and what’s most important to you
  • Knowing exactly what steps you need to take to live the life you’ve always wanted
  • Changing everyday habits to realign with what you truly want
  • Letting go of those debilitating fears that have prevented you from moving forward
  • Letting go of self judgements, doubts, and feelings of not being enough
  • Feeling healthier, happier and more confident
  • Better sleep and energy
  • Better overall life balance
  • A healthier home environment for your whole family

Why Sara?

  • Sara has 20 years experience in the field of mental health and wellness
  • Sara has training and years of experience using cognitive behavioral techniques which get down to the nitty gritty of what’s preventing change from lasting
  • Sara has training in mindfulness and meditation, both known to improve focus, decrease stress, and improve overall wellbeing
  • Sara’s goal and focus is getting you to where you want to be, whatever that looks like
  • Sara has personal experience with a variety of life’s struggles including raising children, addiction within the family system, loss of loved ones, divorce, and running a business
  • Sara truly believes that everyone can live a life so satisfying that you wake up every morning grateful for what you have created
  • Sara has well developed daily rituals which are tried and tested and known by LOTS of research to improve health and wellness

Ready to Transform Today- Reach out!

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