Meet Sara

Transformational Therapist & Wellness Coach

My personal mission

To inspire and guide you through your transformation, empowering you to discover the truth of who you are.

Who’s Sara?

At my center, I am a coach, guide, and educator. For over 20 years, I have honed my clinical skills in mental health, treating a variety of conditions as a highly trained and licensed clinical social worker in both Oregon and Washington. Through this work, I have been honored to witness and assist numerous individuals in addressing their challenges to facilitate personal growth and reduce symptoms.

My skills as a clinically trained therapist and a coach are shaped by my own lived experiences and lifelong dedication to my own continual growth. I am a mother of two teenagers, daughter, wife, and a woman who strives to live my best life every single day. It is through my own trials and tribulations that I have been able to transform into a strong, compassionate, authentic woman.  I believe strongly that you can do this too! I have had the honor to do significant work in the community building programs to support others in entering recovery, ending a life of crime, ending homelessness, healing from trauma, and reuniting families.  There is so much beauty in this world, let us use that as our focal point.

It is important to me to incorporate spiritual practice, balanced eating, movement, connecting to nature, and forming community into my practice and the work I do with others.  It is through implementing one tiny healthy habit after another that one can do such things as let go of self-doubt, expectations placed from others, and transform one’s life.  I have learned that staying true to yourself is the best thing you can do, not only for yourself, but for other’s you treasure and love.  It is with self-reflection, hard work, creating daily habits, and consistently challenging myself that I have been able to develop a life that is truly remarkable. Let me help you do the same.

Owning our story, and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.

Brene Brown

Is Sara the right therapist for you?

Are you wondering what’s next in life? Are you going through a transition? Have kids left the house? Want a career change? Recent loss or separation? Is your anxiety or depression preventing you from living the life you want? Can you imagine how spectacular it would be to have a solid plan for your future? How incredible it would feel to take steps each day to meet your goals in all areas of your life? To feel excitement for your future versus despair.

Wouldn’t it feel marvelous to let go of unfounded fears about the future? No doubt, fear is a force to be reckoned with. It promises safety in exchange for control. The longer it lives within you, the more power you give it. Fear doesn’t allow for imagination, creativity, or freedom. Fear lies to us and tells us we’re not able to accomplish our dreams. Ready to face fear head on? To let go of debilitating self doubt? During our work together, through exercises designed to aid in self-discovery you will learn to do just that! Together we will develop a step by step plan to make sure your next chapter is exactly what you want!

Sometimes you can’t pinpoint a problem, yet you notice you have issues in your relationship, self esteem, communicating with others, presenting your authentic self, or even figuring out who your authentic self is. I’m here to help you sort through any or all of it.

This work is about you! The goals are yours! The transformation is yours! My job is to support and challenge you in identifying your dreams, voicing them, bringing light and intention, and taking little steps each day to achieve transformation. You are what matters today, and every day! If any of this rings true to you, reach out today to see how we can partner in supporting you reaching your goals.

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